lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-03-29 17:43:20 (UTC)


ahh louis stevens & i might just have to get married. very

ok so um it's already 4th period. yaaaaaay! my next 3
classes are the best, too, so i am almost free & in 2 hours i
will be going home.

the teachers here are so fun. mr. pate sang hymns to us
for the entire history period. and my cute little math
teacher (who is secretly a man-eating beast) gave us all
little chocolate crosses...mmm and i'm looking at mine
lustfully right now. but since we can't eat, uh, ANYWHERE
on the school premises, i will wait & wait for my milk
chocolate delight.

yesterday was boring. i came home & sat around
foreverrrr...and egad meg & marisa dropped by but i HATE
that (not them or the fact they were there)...but the idea
that, knowing me, i was probably walking around picking my
nose with no pants you guys know that you spy on me
at your own risk, ok? :-D just making sure.

ahh and i don't have to work today after all, so that means
i have hours & hours to hang out with my ballers. yay. oh
man i'm stoked. i reeeeally am.

ps...we have to figure out what to do next
saturday...something so i can get a wheelchair & we can
scam our way around somewhere. ahh it's a beautiful thing.