humming bird

my F***ed up head
2001-05-19 05:55:10 (UTC)

Andy's Party

good night? bad night? that is the question. So on
wednesday matt and i were at nikki's and she was upstairs
and we were cuddling and he kissed me. HE KISSED ME!. and
then the next day at school of course he acted like nothin
happened. And today is friday, Andy's party, and i asked
matt to go tonight and he wasnt gonna go so i was like fine
whatever, ya know how it is. so i go tonight and i see this
guy, kwak, there and in my mind i thought that isnt a good
thing! i went out with kwak b4 and he is the easiest guy to
like for me and i dont know why. i spent like half an hour
hacking with kwak and pat and kev and some of them and then
i did MASH to kwak and then spent like a long time jsut
talkin to him and he is so easy to talk to and such a
sweetheart and i think i like him but the only thing is he
isnt the type of guy i would wanna go out with...maybe be
like friends with benefits or somethin tho cuz it is weird
with him like he is a really good frined that i like it but
it is to hard to explain and i am way comfortable around
him to...he is just a cool guy. ok but anywayz so this guy
matt right kissed me and then acted like nothin happened
didnt come to the party tonight and went out with lindsey
this other chic that he likes and he is sposedly asking her
out. so thats a lil bit asssholish if u ask me just kinda
leave me hangin i mean it's all good it just kinda hurts ya
know and then i dont know what i am gonna do bout kwak cuz
i think i like him but i dunno if he likes me and geez i
had so many oppurtunities to kiss him tonight and i should
have but i am a dumb kid so it's all good right. anmd i am
just really irritated tonight but yeah i'll be fine
tomorrow prolly i just need some sleep and then i'll be
fine i think...or maybe just give matt a good kick in the
balls to make me feel better! but so the good part: i spent
the ngiht with kwak a really great guy who is way better
then matt bad part: i found out matt might sk out lindsey
the other chic and didnt even see him so i couldnt urt him
severley but that OK!!!!! sorry i am just mad at him what a
USER and i had being the usee... k i am gonna go to sleep
now tho. Good night

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