2001-05-19 05:44:36 (UTC)

i used to love fridays

i totally used to love fridays like two weeks ago. gosh
starting may 4th i hate fridays. it started out as a
horrible friday and the next was my grandmothers funeral
and now it is friday once again and my friend who i was
supposed to go out with flaked because her mom was yelling
at her and she cant go anywhere. so i sat at home totally
bored all night and i decided i wanted to go to wal-mart
but my mom got all bitchy and went off about how young
girls shouldn't be going out at 11 o'clock at night by
themselves and how i am going to get raped. UH! and my sister
gets home and everytime she seems to think she has this
newfound sense of rebellion and power over everyone and she
is yelling at my mom.. but no my dad is here and he went
all crazy cuz he is sad about my grandmother.. my sister
doesnt seem to realize much sometimes. she is a very
selfish person. o well i guess we all have our flaws. some
just more then others. well anways so this friday sucks cuz
usually the only day of the week to hang out with my best
friend is on fridays and he is gone. he called me.. but he
only talked for like a minute. he was all i just wanted to
hear your voice. i got pretty happy.. and he told me where
he was and that he was heading up to Eugene, Oregon. damn
at first i thought he was heading back here for a few days.
nope i guess not. man that sucks. but anyways so he says ok
i cant really talk right now but ill call back in 30
minutes. i should of known. yea right. well anyway so i
didnt talk to him and i was so stoked to go to this drum
and bass weekly but i couldnt cuz my friend flaked and i
really didnt feel like heading up there by myself. that is
so lame ... not that i can't but in my small little town
everyone knows everyone.. but me. haha! well anyways so i
hope to go out but my mom is being all protective. go
figure. the one night she is worrying i really don't want
to be home. well enough about my lame fridays. hopefully
next friday will be righteous, i get out on thurs so no
school friday. hopefully i have a little more progress..

SIMON the chick !!!