I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-03-29 16:24:12 (UTC)

I-Macs and Fridays

Greetings all of you who read my journal. Basically Kelly. Hi
kell! I just got your email, it got rerouted somewhere, and
thank you!! It was so nice! I will respond personally as soon
as I can. I do want to tell you that I wish you and I had
been closer when you lived here. And wether or not you
realize it, you have been a huge comfort to me knowing that I
can talk to you and tell you things. I do realize that. I
wish that we could have been closer friends, but maybe your
moving will bring us together. Weirder things have happened.

In other news, I have none. I just read over some of my
previous entries and I want to clear up some things. First of
all, yes, I do live at home with my parents. Yes, I am
female, and yes I am 22. I am a full time student and job
hunting. One advantage to living at home is free room and
board. One disadvantage to living at home is living with your
family at age 22.

I also wanted to add something about my night with the
college rommates. When you add alcohol to a mix like us, you
learn things you never knew. For instance, I learned that
they feel that they cannot trust me, and that the other
roomie who wasn't there is still upset at a passing comment
that I made. *sigh* So, there will be no more college stories
from the past. I felt awful, and sad and depressed and
basically like shit. Later that night somebody asked me about
Hope stories and I just said that she was wonderful and
helped blind children cross the road and saved lost puppies.
That's it. Nothing else will cross my lips about anything we
ever did ever again. It will be in my memory and my memory
only. End of story. I'm still sad just thinking about it.