College Days
2001-05-19 04:38:13 (UTC)

People are so nice

First off i would like to say thank you to someone who left
me the sweetest response. I believe her name is Dianne and
Ijust thank you for all the kind words that you have said
to me. it is so encouraging it really is and i woiuld email
you personally but hopefully you are checkin in on my
entries so you will see it his way also. Anyways today was
a good day. my boyfriend came over and we watched TV and
had the most incredible sex! Maybe its because its been
alittle over a week and I was anticipating it, but damn it
felt good as hell. AND YES IT WAS PROTECTED SEX. I know
that it doesnt matter now, with me being pregnant and all
but we might as well practice right. I went to work and it
was busy but it was alright and rented a couple of movies
from blockbuster. My boyfriend left a porno in my car and
i am actually curious. I am thinking about going to get
it...I mean I COULD....Its not usually like me, but now
that I am reminising about this sex I had this morning I am
feeling a little frisky...shoudl I? I mean Ive watch some
pornos before and eventually they bore me and I know i
would probably just fall asleep on it but it does give you
a few pointers and stuff. Ok I kno that sounds retarded but
it does. For instance, I find it incredibly intereting
about how the girls in the pornos shave there under the
belt hair. Some are neat triangles...others beaver type,
and i shaved mine in the low cut beaver fashion and my
boyfriend truly went wild. Also the less the hair, the
more sensitivity you have. For those of you who has done
it, I know you are nodding your head in agreeance. For
those of you confsed by what I am saying....LADIES grab a
razor and get to work! I mean, how I figure it, there is no
harm in trying it out once, right? The hair grows back so
fast anyways. Mabe I will go out there and get it....I
might learn a new position for tomorrow *mischievous laugh*
See you all tomorrow....