HuMaN NatUre
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2002-03-29 13:37:51 (UTC)

First Entry

Why is there a need for a dairy when our life is full of
misery? To remember the bad time…. Why remember it just
make u more sad… Well it’s the same reason that I write
this dairy.

And when did studying be so important to everybody than
just life… Study to have a better life??? Or is it just to
get a better job..?? Today I want to the library and sit
the whole day studying… At least I was studying… Harder…..

That Night after studying I cycle my friend home… then I
took the long way home…. Cycle very slowly.. let the wind
muffle the sound of the world…. I look up and see what I
wanted to see in my life.. star s…. At least there is more
than 2 stars….. surrounded by clouds… Clouds shade us from
the sun … the heat of life…. Especially in Singapore… Can’t
human see this things.. that life is already beautiful… the
way it amaze you with its tricks… Are humans just blind or
refuse to see…. This things just touch the gap in my
heart… the emptiness which really hurt… The deep wound that
can never heal until I found the medicine…

But then again… what is the medicine???????

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