Catie*s Diary
2002-03-29 08:51:53 (UTC)

Thursday NIght 3-29-02

Ok, i'm at casey's right now. We didn't do much.Just drove
around and stuff. Then we drank. I took 6 shots. I'm
buzzing. I'm mostly just tired. But i'm in that honest
kinda mood. IT's really hot in here. JR is getting his
phone card so he can call me. He was in a really sad mood
earlier. But he called me and told me he was much happier
and i'm glad, cause when he was sad it hurt my heart to hear
him be sad. It scares me, I'm falling in love with him and
I dont want to get hurt. But i beleive in this, much, much
more than I have in any other kind of relationship. I dont
even know where JR and I stand, are we friends or talking
or what? But he's like the greatest guy. He's sweet and
treats me good. :) he makes me smile alot too. And, he makes me
happy, which i needed badly.