The Need to Write
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2002-03-29 06:49:21 (UTC)

here again

I figure that i should keep this journal up regularily, but
it never seems to happen, I don't know why. I am on the
internet nearly every day, with uni and all, but I can not
seem to find the time to write. So this entry will be one
of those entries that no one reads because there is nothing
in it. Just me rambling about how I should write more
etc.. You get the gist of it.

I have been busy with assignment after assignment that I
have not had the time to write anything decent towards my
craft...writing is on the back burner as much as I hate to
say that i do not have time to write anything except for
essays tasks and reviews about the books I read...
Yes I still get to read a great deal,, Harry Potter, Steven
King...picture books for kids you name it I have to read
it...it is good at least it isn't a boring text book that I
have to read for one course

more soon

(relevant and interesting I promise)

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