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2002-03-29 06:26:22 (UTC)

3/29/2002 1:10:54 AM

I know I have not written in a long time, Id like to say
ive been busy, truth is ive been lazy. Lazy and upgrading
my system a lot.

Well what to say? I visited my parents - they bought a
mansion. I can’t believe it, I remember when there wasn't
enough money for food, not there’s enough room to send me
through school and own 25 house. That’s not the end,
either…they still own a whole other house on top of the
mountain in Woodstock.

Ive been working on some songs, reading… Studying as
always. I talked to David from In Tenebris, and he
doesn’t seam to be sure there even will be a tour this
summer. I was supposed to go with them and play Keys…
would have been fun. Oh well, guess ill have to work on
getting a real job. That’s ok though, because I need the

Tonight I went to a dance presentation. It was pretty
good, I was impressed.

I’m ready for the weekend.