ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-03-29 06:19:21 (UTC)

RaiN noR SHinE

****** TIME: 10:57 p.m.
@@@@@@ Song: Deftones - Drive Far Away
###### MoOd: ReLaXeD.....

Im in such a peaceful, relaxed faze right now... Its
raining outside, and it smells soo Good! I love the way
the rain smells here, in Arizona. Its cuz we live in the
desert, so when the rain hits the dirt it just creates this
smell in the air. But its not like we actually live in one
big dirt place. ITs like a city or what not.
Well Brian is here from Cali, so im happy. Just a few
minutes ago we were both just chilling in the backyard,
Listening to the rain drops splash in the pool and the
thunder and lightening...... i love it when its like
Today, i got to spend some 'quality time'
with Brian. We went cruisen and we went to this really
cool fish store down by camelback.........
wholy shit...... this huge thunder just like scared
the shit out of me!
Well, N E Ways, we got some cheesy
fish just cuz they gotta get some bacteria in the tank
before we can get better fish. I want an octopus!! we
saw a little baby one and it was soo cool! SO ya, me,
him, and Kristy are going to the zoo tomorrow!!
i know it sounds a little cheesy, but we had a lot
of fun when we went awhile ago. and then him and my dad
are going to a baseball game, so i want to do somethin with
Chris, cuz i sure am not going to that!

ok, this big-o thunder just like shook my freakin
house, and im upstairs, so i hope that doesnt mean somthin
bad will happen to me.... plus im on the computer... oh
smart one.....

We went to The Olive Garden for dinner, which was cool
cuz i havent eaten all day. We have absolutely NO FOOD IN
THIS HOUSE!! i havent eaten anything really except
Courdon Blusch, or however u spell it, for like 2
weeks!! i looked in the mirror today, and i swear i
can see my rib outlines starting to really pop out!! it
looks like im starvin myself or sumthin, but im really
not!! i just cant eat any of the food that my parents
buy! its gross!! and i keep telling them we need
to go to the store, but they wont listen! bitches.... so
ya, we leaven early tomorrow cuz Brian has to go sign some
documents for Stuart, his lawyer, long story, and
then after that were going to the zoo, which
means i probabllly should get to bed early so i dont sleep
in till like noon or sumthin. so now, im
gonna go chill in my room, turn on my peaceful red, white,
and purple lights, listen to Deftones and watch the
rain. Nevermind, its too dark. later.