Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
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2001-05-19 03:54:42 (UTC) met marmalade down on old moulan rouge...

GRRRR my mom couldn't get the antibacterial last night! I'm
soo mad...she promised to get it sometime tomorow
though....I would go out and get it myself but this months
check is going to new matresses and next months is birthday

Whatever...that matters...but I'm not gonna think about it
too much.

I almost pierced myself again...but I wanna wait till I get
rings for it cos the ones I'll use will only give me an

Or I could just pierce myself and leave it without a ring
like last time.

But that seems so pointless cos it won't even leave a mark.

I feel so secluded....even though I went out today...I feel
like I didn't go out at all.

Oh well, I always get like this on the weekends.

This weekend is Bobs designated time to sleep over....

PoOp...that's kewl I guess...I don't know.

I think this whole secluded feeling has something to do
with my anxiety and lack of emotion....

Or something...

I don't know....I just felt powerfull before...thinking
about anorexics and cutters (obsessing, if I'm going to be
honest here). I came to a conclusion that we're more
powerfull then anyone else cos we control we
look...all that bullshit.

But that's just the disease talking.

We're really weak....weak and succumb to our own
disillusion and anxiety everyday.

But, in a sense, that's empowering to.

UGH! Nothing's making sense anymore...I just wanna stop
obsessing over this's so pointless

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