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2002-03-29 06:08:07 (UTC)

'Jeffrey's stopped having sex'

Finally heard from tony today. He has been sick and didn't
get out of bed for three days. i dunno why i am so
paranoid. But this did give me a chance to step back and
become less emeshed in the whole scenario. I can't be in a
good relationship if i am not in a good space with myself.
My SCP class wednesday night helped me realize that. I
think it is gonna help alot.

I have to work open to close tomorrow. There is only one
manager and me the assistant manager. That is gonna suck
for awhile. Roommate Rick could be coming over to the
store. We have worked and lived together before...so i am
not worried about it....

i am tired and i really want to brush my teeth...my breath
is kicking.


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