The Life of a Fairy! }}{{
2002-03-29 05:23:33 (UTC)

lala land...my home

ok ,im very bored so i will just type and practice my
skills.ok last enrty some people got confrused. im not
gay.when i said bf,i meant best friend,not boyfriend.
please dont think that.my sister is home.haha shes evil :-)
hey its smoochy! haha. i got a skateboard yesterday! i have
always wanted one! step-out side the box! jesse-step away
from the box! stoopid commercials that i watch.hoobastank.i
am being so stoopid.im braindead.ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!lighter!
yippe,flame.blue to yellow with no green! amazing.i am off
to bed now.choa!.bbye!


p.s.-why are guys mostly skinny,but me,im pudgy?i dont like
skinny people.i am envious of you!grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.