1 day in a life as it dies
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2002-03-29 04:06:17 (UTC)

why hello all you vamps weres..

why hello all you vamps weres witches and humans tonight is
the night of the full moon, happy hunting under it for
those who do.

ok so anyway....sorry I havent put anything in here but
nothing is happening much anymore, me and rosie are
talking, eric asked her to be his wife she is thinking it
over (probly a no anyway but hey) scotts not as much of an
asshole as I thought he was, my parents are still very much
insaine I did make a new friend she is helping me with a
lot of stuff and I thank her very much I will not put her
name cuz idk if she would like that but she I think knows
who I am talking about, I am reading some new books the
Amita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton they are really
good that friend I was talking about told me to read them I
am glad she did, I have noticed something I cant paint
nails for shit I cover the whole tip of the finger, o well
I will get better at it. well back to reading I have a busy
night ahead of me and want to get these last 20 pages done
to ttyl sweet dreams muhahaha

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