jallure's eyes
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2001-05-19 03:12:02 (UTC)


Ah... Finally, an instance in which I am able to actually
write an entry into this diary when I am
feeling...comfortable and calm.

Well, today was not so bad, considering I did not attend
school for the second day. It's funny, I have never
ditched school before yesterday... and I am gradutaing next
year... pretty good, if I must say so. hehe.

But today was not as perfect as I wished... I of course ran
into a arguement with RC because of his rude
friend...however, I am fine now. Thank GOD!

I am really glad today is Friday! I get to see RC
tomorrow... It's such a wonderful feeling when I see him.
We never REALLY argue in person...I guess it is because I
am always happy to see him on the weekends...All week, I
look foward to his weekend visits. Oh yeh! we have
actually planned something good for this weekend; tomorrow
we are going to cut up fruit together, make sandwiches, get
some drinks together, grab a blanket, some chips, and head
to the park....A PICNIC!!! ;) cute huh? hehe After that,
we plan to go to the beach and watch the sun set together
and possibly following that, we will see a movie. well got
to go... he is calling...i'll write again later...