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2002-03-29 03:35:29 (UTC)

Discussing The Ello Files

I have nothing but time on my hands. Why not take time now
to sit and rehash EVERY detail about mine and Elliott
Griffin's relationship as friends and more.

I guess you could say it started during the 2001 summer
league softball season. I was on Erica V's team, and Ello
and her were an item. I kept hearing things about this
brilliant but weird Ello dude, and I had to see him for
myself. After a game one night, Erica says " Tay I want you
to meet my Ello" and our eyes met for the first time. He
was physical perfection. Dark hair with highlights, big
brown eyes, perfect sideburns, PERFECT skin complexion, and
the best smile Ive ever seen on a guy. And he was somewhat
built. I didnt think too much of him though because it
seemed that Erica was pretty in love with him and WE ALL
know the rules about dating a friend's guy RIGHT?!
Later on in the summer I hear that they have broken up
and he stalks her. I kind of thought " hmm he's weird " and
left it at that. Then one day I went into the new Quick
Check, and there he was standing behind the counter. We
made small talk, and from then on I didnt believe the stuf
I heard about him. Elliott was different. Elliott was me in
guy form. Exactly, match for match.
School starts in August, and he's in one of my classes.
We start talking naturally because we really click. And
within a week a mistake named Tim asks me out. So I say
yes. And we're together for about 1 month...and one night
at a JV football game, Ello sits beside me and we start
talking. Come to find out, he has liked me since summer
when he saw me with Erica, and he had planned on ASKING ME
OUT the very day Tim did. OH WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I was
thinking..DAYUM. But...you know I thought Tim was
something ...so me and Ello just became really good
friends. Sooner or later somehow we became BEST friends. We
are each other's half I know it. Tim and I broke up. And I
thought maybe I had a chance with Ello. But, as I soon
found out, my timing was horrible.
Ello had just met an "amazing" girl at work and was
super interested in her. So I left it alone because he said
there wasnt a chance of us at the moment..and I started
talking with other guys. All of which turned out to be a
mistake and torment my heart to this day. Meanwhile,
Elliott is quickly falling head over heels for this Amy. I
start trying to drop hints and not so subtle tips to him,
all of which he dejects. But never enough to dampen my
interest. He always kept the level of intrigue and
flirtation to keep me on my toes. I began giving him LOVE
advice about her. Imagine that....I was helping him with
another girl. So a few months go by like that...and we come
to recent times.
One day a few weeks back I finally got the courage to
hand him a letter I had written him weeks before,
confessing my diar need for him, my utter obsession. He
told me that he felt the same way as I did. And only time
would tell. But then nothing happened. I got so confused.
He said he wanted unatainable, so I tried to date other
guys to make him want me because you know..a taken girl is
unatainable...but I just couldnt find the chemistry with
another guy that I had with Ello. So, I eventually dropped
the guys one by one, and each time I kept wanting nothing
but Elliott, as I still do.
He has given me inspiration for the best poetry I've
ever come up with, and he has also been the very subject
that torments my heart in the early hours of the morning.
Im in love with him. If I were to ever win him over, I
would never let him go. We are wonderful together. But Amy
is in the way.
Now Amy....is a question mark. She's in college. She
has a boyfriend named Colin, but she keeps Ello on a tight
chain. She plays cat and mouse with them both. She uses
either to make the other one mad. She lets Elliott ALMOST
get out of her deathly fingertips..then says something so
sweet, he goes running back to wait on her. And I saw her.
Merely a GENEROUS 5 on the 1-10 scale. Nothing to write
home about. I could take her! lol. It made me so sad to see
what was winning over me. It took away any self esteem I
started with. He is so in love with her. And his attempts
get him nowhere. I wish his poems were about me. No, they
are all about her. He is in LOVE with her, and she will
never be his. Colin and her will get married I know it. She
has gone this long resisting Elliott...why would she stop
now? Instead, she wants Ello to wait until AUGUST...to see
if Colin goes off to college or not. Because if he stays
here for college, they will get married. No hope for Ello.
If he goes...they might try to make it work and inevitably
it wont, and Ello MIGHT..and only MIGHT have a chance. What
is it about her that is so wonderful?! I dont know Im
dumbfounded by it all.
So now I wait, hoping one day Ello will open his eyes to
see me, the one who picks up the pieces to his heart every
time she breaks it, the glue that keeps him together. Until
then? I try to passify my need for love.


Update as of 10/7/03:
Haa.....Ello hates Amy now. I knew that would happen. She's the
epitome of all evil. LOL! Someone *cough* had an interesting dream
about me which I find kind of flattering in a funny sense. I don't
feel this way towards Elliott anymore, so I am free to let this be
seen online! :) It's nothing I wouldnt show Ello....from the good old
times back in the day. But that 28 thing is still on! LOL