Watashi no Sekai
2002-03-29 03:28:22 (UTC)

Shadow walker?

It was about a week ago. There was this boy at school, and
he had, had a crush on me for months now. I never really
saw anything in him. Nothing really special, nothing that
made him different from anyone else. But the other day, he
was staring at me, and had this strange look in his eyes,
like he had something in store for me. My attention was
dragged back as one of the stupid giggling girls in my
classess started asking questions about her love life. I
didn't see him the rest of the day. The next however, was
very strange. HE walked straight up to me, with no fear,
and reached out like he was going to touch me. Instead, he
bent, and touched my shadow! I was going "ummmmm" But then
the strangest thing happened! He vanished! He just, wasn't
there anymore. It's not like he faded away, there wasn't a
poof of smoke or anything, but he just, wasn't there. Gone.
Like he'd been erased. No one believes that it happened,
they all think I'm crazy, and I kind of have that
reputation anyway, but even so. No one believes. Worse yet,
no one remembers him either! They don't call his name, when
they take attendance, and no one comments on the guy thats
been missing, even though he was even in my work group.
They all looked at me like I was insane, or rather, they
way the always look at me, but, different. Like they
weren't really sure this time. I . . . the only strange
thing, is that I don't feel like he's really gone. It's
more like, theres this smell, and I know it's him, and, it
gets stronger all the time. It's, strange, spooky. I get
palpitations every time I remember.