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2002-03-29 03:19:31 (UTC)

Getting Over

Since Tuesday I've had a stomach virus. I went to L's
and ate some pizza. I soon felt ill and went home. We had
no medicine in the house so dad made me a small glass of
baking soda and water. As soon as I drank it I threw up.
And I despise doing that. I have this abject horror of
vomiting. I once held it in for three days just so I
wouldn't have to go through it. But nature always prevails
and I'm glad it happened when it did. I felt better but
continued to make pilgrimages to the porcelain god all

Yesterday I felt terrible. Every muscle ached. I saw
that from all of the strain of puking a blood vessel had
popped in my right eyeball, producing a lovely red mark
that oddly resembles pinkeye. Nice. I feel lots better
now, though. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be ok and my ruby
red accessory will have vanished.

Mum and M came home last night. hey had a good time,
but they were outvoted on the Jim Morrison issue. I have
one comment on that: Damnit. One tiny thing that warmed
the cockles of my heart-M said that she missed me a lot.
She told me that I'm the only one who gets her. It's nice
to feel needed.

Until next time I know I remain loved by at least one


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