down in my eyes
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2002-03-29 01:24:57 (UTC)

The art... of procrastination.

I have a damn paper due on tuesday. I've had aweek to do it..
OVER a week, accually. So is it done? What do u think?

Of course not. Paper? What paper?

I've been sitting here all damn morning, tryen to work on
it.. but i've done everything... besiides my paper.
Too many distractions. really important ones, too.
like visiting my fave band's websites. even tho i kno
they havent been updated ~
since the day i was born. noticing how long my nails
have gotten,... but being to lazy to go upstairs to get
the clippers. just sitting here.. waiten for someone
to I"M me. Or writing ... in my diary. This must be
my 7th try, tryen to get in here. Damn

There's too many damn things to do when ur tryen to get
something done. Too many distractions. yet, why is
there absolutely noothing to do, when.. theres no paper
due?! Damn.

Damn, I say "damn" alot..

"I don't want this, Responsibility.
Responsibility?.... What's that?"