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2002-03-29 01:13:27 (UTC)

Sunny Day/Rain/Full Moon

Extracted approx. 10 of the colorful yellow & pink
honeysuckle looking bush from across highway 2 for planting
along path near pond and around pond bamboo area. Extracted
more Spiderwort for pathway planting. Planted Sunflower,
Mexican Daisy, Zinnia, Marigold around garden pond. Planted
approx. 10 more cattails.

Today, Extracted approx. 5 roots from Purple Wisteria and
planted between Dogwoods which are blooming. One especially
long piece , if not damaged will make a nice Japanese
treatment. Went exploring for more dogwoods to finish drive
and will extract them when ready. Discovered an odd plant,
very green growing under a hammock with pink shrimp like
blooms and took one for rooting.
Started lillipond, taking first ones from 4th pond in far
north of property. Took approx 10 and will watch for their
survival. They are nicely shaped with a blood red color
underneath. Planted South African ? 3 pots??????

Azaleas in bloom as well as Wisteria.

Bulbs taken from Blackwater River appear to be flourishing.

Ivy is scaring me, not looking so good after last cold
snap. However, the cuttings from the old Homestead at
Laurel Hill appear to be budding, so perhaps there is hope.
All Palms are putting out new fronds and doing remarkably

Fuch's Orange Nugget, 'Gold Digger' in bloom. Pitiful, 3
buds, but doing good to have survived the move in dead of
winter and still bloom.

Amarlyis and Oriental lily emerging.

Cinnamon fern putting out slowly and very stylish near
rose/Nandina area.

Bridal Wreath began blooming around 1st of March.
Cuttings from Camelias starting to show signs of either
rooting or death, as leaves are dropping.

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