AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2002-03-28 23:49:26 (UTC)

Seein Red

you ever just get so aggrivated with your mother, and it
wasnt exactly a big blowout fight, dont think
you can stand her and it feels like your skin is crawling
and your head is going to explode? yeah i'm feeling alot
like that right now, shes on a total bitch streak right
now. and before she pissed me off cuz i was feeling sick
again, and got the heat flashes and thought i was gonna
puke, and my dad came home and she starts telling him w/
this annoyed tone like its my fault and just...well u had
to be here. it was not the best thing to hear as you are
bent over the toilet about to 'ralph'.

so back to other stuff. ahh what is it about the music men
that totally gets me?? lol....all these garage
bands....with non screaming singers, totally sexy stuff.
anyways, i met this guy the other day, he had that emo yet
hot look about him. a little bit taller than me....dirty
blond hair, not a shag or anything, but longer than a crew
cut. he works at this surf-skate clothing store called
PacSun in the mall, and i was getting sandals and
sunglasses there. anyways, he had a pretty weak way to
start talking to me, something about the little spongey
thing they clip onto the sandal, and how it looked like
those things girls put on their toes, and then i was jus
listening and watching him crash n burn.....but it was so
cute cuz he was so quirky. and my little sister was with me
and told me that she said something and he wouldnt even
look to her, just kept his eyes glued on me, even we we
werent together and she was asking him if they had
something in another size and i was across the whole store.
sooooo....i ran outta there pretty quick after i got my
sunglasses cuz i was running late to meet my mom, but who
knows, maybe i'll stop by there again.

unwritten law is a very very very very cool band.

today is my brother andrew's 24th birthday.