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2002-03-28 22:37:55 (UTC)

Wish he were around

Bleh bleh, I wonder if he's close to Vermont now. I hope
he has a fun time there. I hope I can talk to him from
there, at least a little bit. Ugh, I am so silly... stop
thinking about him damnit. He's not even your significant
other yet. Yet. *cries*, what if he is never? Well... if I
was a guy friend... would he treat me differently?
Assuming he is straight, he probably wouldn't smile shyly
and tell me he enjoyed my company and will see me online
later. Well, he still can say that to a guy, but you know,
he's likely not to. But does that mean he likes me? *_*

I rented the movie 'snatch' today. Then found out my VCR
was broken. Just great. :P Hehehe.

I guess I'll start reading some short stories for my paper
thats due after spring break.