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2002-03-28 22:00:22 (UTC)


I've been taking tests all this week. On Monday I had a
Geometry Quiz and i don't know if i got like an A or
anything but i passed it. Then on tuesday i thought our
Mime thing was due (which i'm not gonna do becasue i have
issues with it) and then on wednesday I had a geometry test
and a World History test. I got a 94 on it and i have a 91
in that class (oh yeah! lol) and then today i took a CPR
test thing in the gym to be certified and trained in CPR
and I completed and passed,so after the easter break I will
get my card saying i'm certified for CPR. (woo-hoo!) and
then i studied like crazy for an IPC test today which i got
a 97 on! I'm so proud of myself lately.I've been studying
and I have A's in my classes. The only thing i'm real
worried about is that i'm not gonna do my mime sketch and
it might piss the teacher off real bad. I like her she's
real nice but i just have issues with the faces and the
whole deal of mime so i'm not gonna do it.It's just like
taking a 0 on a test grade so that's what i'll do.It won't
fail me but i might not have an A in there anymore.It will
drop me but i don't mind having a C or D in there to stand
up for myself. I'm not comfortable doing it and everyone is
telling me she will make me but she cant make me do it.
School is participation. If you participate you do what is
wanted of you. If you don't thats your own choice and you
may fail.But there is nothing about that says you are
required to do work.They only suggest it so you pass. Well
i'm not doing my mime and i am gonna tell her that on
tuesday when we get back. Ok but anyways...I'm certified to
save lives! (well kinda) but it's awesome i'm so proud of
myself. Ok well if there is more i will write later.
Peace,Love, and Music-KK