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2002-03-28 21:34:02 (UTC)

Smile for Me

wednesday, march 28, 2002

simplicity-smile for me

when i saw u all alone
with tears in ur eyes
i knew i had to be there by ur side
when u need a helping hand
just call up on my name
and i'll put a smile on ur pretty face
*smile for me
when u wipe ur tears away
just smile for me
when u meant ur heart and pain
i dont want u feelin blu
cuz i do really luv u*
i care so much for u
and for u i give my life
whenever u are sad
it brings tears to my eyes
i'll be there for u
until the day i die
i will never leave u there to cry
whenever u need someone to lean on
i'll be there for u
to hold u and comfort ur heart
and to stop all of ur cries
lemme heal all of ur pain
and hold u in my arms

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