My Life to Live
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2002-03-28 20:26:33 (UTC)

OMG i cant belive what happened..

OMG i cant belive what happened ok my bfriend wrote me this
note that was so intense and it scared me so bad i dont
want a really serious relationship (or not like he wants
anyways) i dont really know what to do but all the advice
ive gotten is to break up with him and take a break for a
while!! i am so scared of what hes gonna say or do cuz he
has a bad temper and i dont want him to do somthing that
will hurt himself!!!! im sooooo scared but its not good to
be in that kinda relationship so i guess im doin the right

ok enough about that this weekend is gonna be so fun
friday im suposed to go to the movies with my friend ashly
and a resl hottie and best friend tom(tj) yesterday i got
in a fight with this real big ***** that tried to break me
and tj up but i managed to screw that up myself.... i
wished that he would move back down to where i live ,i miss