Life Sux Then You Die
2001-05-19 01:04:35 (UTC)

Day: 4

Today we disected a frog...well...the beel rang and we
didn't get done so she made us put everything(i mean
everything) into a baggy. Like the skin we cut away
and the fat bodies and the liver and the
stomach. "Doctor...These are extra parts!" "Ahh, Nurse just
throw them away!" "Doctor...your watch fell
in!" "Nurse...Now he has a biological clock!"
Sorry...Making my own show there. Okay...I am going to
leave now...Oh yea!!! Today my friends friend was talking
to a kid i knew in 9th grade. He waves at me so I wave back
then he hugs me. It was really ackward. Well bye!

(next day):
I cut the frogs head off... It was awesome! I made it look like the
lord of the flies. I mean... I cut its head off( i was looking for
the brain) and then I put it on the probe and carried it around. Bye
bye for now