lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-03-28 19:28:07 (UTC)

what a glorious day!

ahhhh...well i woke up this morning a little ticked cuz i
fell asleep studying last night & really tired & not
looking very well...haha...but now it's all chill. i am
totally relaxed & feelin' fine & that's a good thing.

i had a test in history this morning. it was hard, i was
falling asleep, and i probably failed. but now it's over &
spring break is alllmost here. actually just one day.

i'm stoked for things coming up...i have no homework
tonight, and then tomorrow i get out at 11:45 so hopefully
i'll do something cool besides just working. we'll see
(hint hint). but tomorrow night will definitely be fun!
and then saturday...ahh beautiful, free, empty saturday.
as far as i know, i can sleep till 11 and then just kick it
w/ whoever calls me.

man spring break is great...just hanging out & sleeping. i
need sleep more than you could imagine. plus i'll be
working (more $$) and having surgery (fixing my physical
well-being) i can't see a better week than that.

ohhh by the way, we're not going to guatemala. it's a
total answer to prayer...not necessarily the one i wanted,
but God has responded to me so visibly that i'm stoked just
by the fact that i heard from Him. ahh i can't explain
it! but all this weird stuff happened & it's great.

and my dad's back in town, which is a burden off me since
my mom's been really angry dad even noticed it
& said he was praying for my patience w/ her.

but it's all good...i haven't gotten grounded for such a
long time!! i'm being a good kid!!