The Diary of Rebecca Kinser
2001-05-19 00:52:30 (UTC)

Zack's Birthday

Dear Diary
Today Is Zack's Birthday! He must not have told anyone
cuz I felt awful bad not knowing. If I would have known I
would have givin him at least 20 dollars. Anyways, at
repeat,9th period, Kacey brought her basketball out,and we
started playing on the courts with a little group of girls.
I kind of sucked cuz whenever the ball would come close
they'd scream. I was like..."C'mon!" Then Lance came up and
asked to play. We VERY quickly said yes. Lance totally
drills on the court. He's great! ....Then...I was not
expecting it or anything,but Zack started playing...we were
on oppisite teams...acually I put him on the other team cuz
they sucked and needed help. How nice of me :)I found it
kind of weird that he kept getting next to me...he didnt
try and take the ball from me either. Sweet of him, but I
know how to play! I need no sympathy from anyone.
Well...the ball did hit me in the head once,but how can I
see something thats over my head?! SO today was AWESOME.
This is gonna sound totally unhuman,but I'm kind of sad
that there's ony 4 more days of school. Weird huh?
Well...Imma leave it at this,talk to ya tommorrow. Bye.