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2002-03-28 18:12:29 (UTC)

Happy Day

Dear Diary,
Happy Day was first held on March 24, 2002. Woo! That was
the day before Charlie and my's two month anniversary. I am
so glad it happened. I don't know how to say this. Well ok
on Sunday I had the day off. I was all happy because there
are few moments I actually get to share with Charlie and
Sunday was one of them. I told my parents we were going to
the dollar movies, but I was tired and didn't feel like
going out. So I told him that I wanted to go to the park.

We were hanging out at our local park. It was cool. I had
fun. We were there talking about our lives, my cousin, his
family. I love just talking. I get this great feeling of
being whole. I feel like I am more than just a sexual
object with him. I don't know. We were talking while
sitting in a tree, and I told him I was getting tired. So
we moved to the bleachers and talked some more. Then I was
like ok now I wanna go home. So we headed to his house.

His dad was there with his chic. That sort of weirded me
out because I consider his dad like my own. Only because I
don't really have any actual father roles in my life. So
anywho, that is besides the point. So there we were and we
were lying down on the couch falling asleep. Then we
started getting into it. Right when it started getting
really bad, his godparents got there. We started laughing.

His godparents are real cool with us. They just joked about
how we shouldn't be doing stuff like that on the couch.
They told us to move to the room. We laughed, and they left
to go out. Then we started up again. I don't know what was running
through my mind at the time. I just sort of let everything get to me.
So many guards went down. Then he started giving me a massage. Then I
gave him one.

Before you knew it, it happened. We finally ya know had sex. I guess
it's a weird way to put it. It was love sex. I only want to call it
sex because it was so short you know. But after we finished, I
dressed myself and started crying. I felt all this undeniable
emotion. I love this guy so much. I mean man I would never have done
that with anyone else in this way. I finally felt this joy course
through me.

I wasn't cheapened by this incident. I just felt like it grew
something new in my heart. I loved it. He cried. You are the only
people who will know. Which really is no one. This is my private
diary. I don't know. I am just so happy that it happened.

On Wednesday, we sort of had a retry of having Happy Day, but it
didn't work. I just sort of was glad. He cared enough not to want to
screw me. I guess that is the greatest compliment in the world. I
love him I tell ya and he is going to be my husband someday.
Love always,

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