Thoughts to Share
2002-03-28 17:50:01 (UTC)

Hi...I'm 20 yrs old...and I love arts and crafts time :-)

Tuesday night we had a hall meeting...which I wasn't so
much looking forward to except that we had written down our
favorite color...and I knew that we were going to be making
something. (PS-This is the 2nd week in a row in my
cellular biology lab where I have cut out pieces of paper,
taped them together, etc.) It was pretty neat...we made
bracelets out of toothbrushes. :-) Even though I had
written purple down as my favorite color, I made a blue one
b/c I figure....well...I own like 20 million blue shirts.
It was a rather amusing process.
Yesterday was just....tiring. I'm used to going to class
all morning and having an hour to eat lunch and chill for a
little before I start the afternoon off with another
class. But today there was no time for that. We had our
paper due in cell, and I was just really disappointed by
mine. B/c she's a "freakin moron" (in the words of
Meredith...) it could only be 1 page. 1 page. Usually I'm
fighting for every word I can possibly think of trying to
get my papers to be the right length. This time I was half
a page over. It was a research paper...well, not a full-
blown research paper, but I still had to do a lot of
research to write it. I just could not explain myself
fully in 1 page. I cut out 1/2 a page of material and I
just felt like it was so choppy and didn't fully explain
everything. Then she (the prof) decides to give us a quiz
for extra credit b/c our last test grades weren't so good.
Which of course, we wouldn't know how are grades are since
we took the test 3 weeks ago and still haven't gotten any
grades back yet. :o Let's see...then there was spanish in
which we got the guidelines for our oral interviews. This
I fear is something to worry about. I just don't think I
know spanish very well. Not enough to have a conversation,
even a prepared one, for 5-10 minutes. (And yes
Meredith...we get to prepare them. :-p) No time for lunch
b/c I had to finish up work in the chemistry lab. Then
after my chemistry class, I went straight to my advisor's
office for advisement/registration. We talked about some
things. He tells me no pressure...but this semester is
really critical for me. I know that. I feel like I'm
doing all I can, and I'm getting nothing out of it.
Apparently I'm not slacking off enough, skipping class
enough, cheating enough or partying enough. Sorry, I'm
done now.

And to follow this....

"Of course there is no formula for success except perhaps
an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings."
~Arthur Rubenstein

"Promote yourself, but do not demote another."
~Israel Salanter

So, I registered for next semester. Then I ran by the
library to pick up an inner-library loan book that I needed
for my paper that was due about 3 hours before.
Anyways....when I finally got a chance to breathe for a
second I crashed. Well...more like laid in my loft for a
few minutes. I needed a nap, but I just kept thinking
about things to worry about.
Last night..my roommate....made me watch Stepmom. Ok, so
this was not the day to make me watch this. I cried my
eyes out. Yes I did. But it made me look forward to
seeing my family.
Today-only had chemistry lab at 8 AM. Meredith and I went
to brkfst...which means A1-That we went EVERY day this
week. and B2-That we are now officially addicted to
coffee. Already making plans for investing in one. :-p

Now I'm just hanging around. I need to start packing up,
but eh....I'll get to it. :-p I think the weather is
making me be a slacker. :-p Gotta run Jamie to the store,
and then wait on my roommate so we can caravan home. I'm
going to get to see some of Meredith's game this afternoon,
so that's exciting.
Tonight I'm going to just chill out at home and watch
Survivor. ;-) Tomorrow I think I'm going to go shopping
early in the morning with my mommy and we're going to dye
Easter eggs. :-) I'm such a little kid. But, we used to
do that every year. When my grandmother was still alive,
my brother and I and my 2 younger cousins would go over to
her house and dye like 4 or 5 dozen eggs. Enough for all
of us to take some home, some for my grandparents and some
for my other grandma. I miss those times. I miss them. I
think it will be an emotional weekend. Holiday times get
me sometimes. Friday I'm going to our Good Friday
service. Daniel has a part in it...and I look forward to
the service. It gets me focused...it is moving. Saturday
I hope to see my Bridget Elise and Julie Anne Abella. :-)
Then spend time with Blake and Beth. :-) Sunday I will be
going to my home church for our Easter sunrise service and
breakfast. Then I think for the 11:00 service I will
either go to my mother's church or to see my brother play
with his church's praise band. Whew...so many choices with
a musical family. :-) Sunday lunch will be with my
grandma. I don't think I'm going to get to see my mom's
side of the family. That makes me a little sad. I miss
them and don't get to see them too often.
Sunday afternoon I'll head back here to the creek with my
girls. All I have to say is....ice cream and chocolate. ;-)

Have a wonderful Easter all. Love you guys muchly.

Meredith: "I'm a rebel Spaniard."