a little piece of me
2002-03-28 17:23:25 (UTC)

tillsammans (together)

went to see another foreign film last night. this one was
swedish, called, as the title indicates, tillsammans. it
was about a hippie commune in 1975 in sweden. it had some
sad parts, and funny parts. it was a really good film.
would have been better if a group of 5 incredibly rude
college kids hadn't sat right in front of me. they talked
pretty much through the whole thing. that makes me so
mad. it's so incredibly rude. i wonder about people who
find it so difficult to keep their mouths shut for 2
hours. urgh.

anyway, despite those people, good film. 'the shipping
news' is going to be playing next week. has kevin spacey
in it (one of my favorite actors), so i might go see it as
well. not sure yet.

going to finish my tile today. i hope i don't fuck it up
and ruin this project, too. i'm not doing as well as i
would like. in either of my art classes. i mean, sure,
i'm getting a's, but i just don't feel like i'm doing my
best. i don't know why. a little distracted lately, i

well, i need to get ready for class. good to hear from you
again lester :) hope the trip is still going well. later