monkies in my brain
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2002-03-28 15:35:26 (UTC)


everything in life is ironic, like when you think
everything sucks and someone comes along and shows you the
light, and then they do something to hurt you, the opposite
of what you expected. in my case, im the one that did the
hurting... and all because someone came along and made me
feel better. you can't call what i did cheating, because i
never actually told him he was my boyfriend, but i did tell
him i loved him, and then someone i thought i had lost came
back into my life and i had to be with him, and i just
dropped the other guy. it wouldn't be the first time i
broke his heart... sometimes i wish he wouldn't have taken
me back, hell i wish i wouldn't have taken him back... but
now its over, im never going to talk to him again... its
over... its over...

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