Baby Story
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2002-03-28 15:22:35 (UTC)

26 wks 3 days

I AM SOOO SORRY! I totally forgot to tell everyone how the
Ultrasound went! I have gotten so bad with this diary
thing! So, I guess your dying to find out if its a boy or
girl, huh? Well, I will tell you that despite my size,
there is only ONE BABY! And I will also tell you that SHE
is gorgeous! Yup, thats right! My baby GIRL! Woo Hoo!
I'm so excited! I think Nelson is a bit worried, but he is
so happy to have a "daddy's little girl". We have chosen
the name Abbigail Brooke, but it is not "set in stone" at
this point in time.

Only three more weeks until we move into our new
apartment! I am so excited. We went out and bought a
black "leather" love seat to match our couch, and coffee
table and end stands that match the entertainment center.
We bought a queen size mattress and box spring set for our
new headboard and frame. My parents are bringing us a
table for the kitchen, a washer and dryer, and some other
small things. All I really have left to buy are bed
stands, a rocker for the "nursery corner" and lamps... and
bathroom things!!! I am so excited! I just can't wait any
longer to get out of my disgusting tiny itty bitty
apartment! YEAH!!!!

And lastly, one more day until my vacation starts!
Tomorrow I am leaving for Rochester, where I will meet up
with my friends and my father for Friday evening and
Saturday. Then on Sunday morning I leave for Georgia with
my friend Heather who is pregnant too and due at the end of
May. She lives in Georgia, where I will spend all of next
week! Yipee! And then next weekend I'll fly back to
Rochester and drive home! I am so excited to see her!

Everything seems to be going quite well. After my vacation
I will be working Part Time at the State Offices where I
work now, until June as far as I know. That will be nice.
I will only be working half days Monday through Friday,
giving me more time to TAKE NAPS!!! and pack my stuff,
move, and get ready for my little girls arrival. I am
really happy.

Well, enough for now I suppose. I really do miss
everyone. Make sure you contact my mother in Campbell if
you want to see me... because I think she is planning a
baby shower and I want to make sure you're invited!! Guys
and girls! Take Care.

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