Loo's Daily Affirmations
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2002-03-28 15:09:46 (UTC)

Less than 1 week til my girls!!!

I have less than 1 week til I am in Atlanta with the
girls!! I love my nieces sooooooo much and can't wait til I
can see them. MY poor sis though. I know she will be ready
to give someone else the reins for a few days.

She called a couple of days ago and was so mortified. The
Bug has worms. She was having trouble tinkling & told her
mommy it hurt, so my sis took her to the Dr. The Dr
said, "well, this is no big deal, she has a urinary tract
infection. Not uncommon at all. What is also not uncommon,
especially with kids who play with others and are social
and play on playgrounds (he was softening it up for my
sis ) is that she has worms." My poor sister was MORTIFIED.
I told her I had heard of this before and its not uncommon
but she was FREAKING OUT. Poor thing, when she called me,
the bug walked up to her and said "Dirty mommy, help." My
sis told me she wasn't sure she could change her :)
Obviously she got over this, but hey I would have been a
bit weirded out too.

Just to note, I haven't had any urge to smoke, so my Sunday
night cheat night/smoke was not so bad. It didn't ruin me.
AND, I have gone back down in weight!!! Yay!! I am
officially down 17 lbs!!!! How'd ya like THEM apples??
(Kind of a bad analogy since apples are pretty darn high
carb :) )

I am on the countdown until Atlanta. I just can't wait. I
need several days off from work, being with my parents and
my sis (and even my bro-in-law) will be great, but the ones
I am really after are the girls!! We are going to the
children's theatre, Centennial Park to see a Water Show at
the fountain, I may take the bug to see Ice Age depending
on how close it is and if we have time. We are going to go
to the zoo and we are going to the World of Coke (Bug will
definitely like that) MG has started teething, so I hope
that doesn't bother her too much, but she will be ok. This
will also be a good time for the girls to get comfy with us
again (they haven't seen up since December, and I bet MG
won't rememebr us, she's only 6 mos) before they come in
May for almost 2 WEEKS!!! YAY!!!

So, gotta go, Later!!