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2002-03-28 14:59:06 (UTC)

this n that

Wow... short list of things:

* Jeffy moved into the apartment, and we're going to share
a room. This should help alleviate $$ problems for him
(and us). Now if we just don't go crazy bumping into each

* I really haven't seen much of Trey this week (or last).
We talked for a bit last night when he came home, but I was
really too sleepy. He started a new job, and seems to be
loving it.

* That same job called and asked me to apply with them. If
the money is right, I'm going for it.

* These 18 hour days are slowly killing me.

* I'm taking a mental health day tomorrow.

* Jennifer is all over the place. Dallas, Florida,
Alabama. I stayed with the boys again this week. I'll
have to catch her to discuss the whole house situation.

* I'm not going to my 10k run. I just don't have the miles
in me after hurting my knee and then getting the flu. I'm
up to about 3 miles a run, but that's not nearly good
enough for the 6.2 miles needed for a 10k.