lesley's life
2001-05-18 23:55:08 (UTC)

same day( just a information time ha)

dear diary,
well am just in from the pictures(miss
conjeliality)or summit like that well it was so funny.a
wantted to go and see that with christopher but as you
guess a didnt aw well here a go again................

am sitting here waiting on ma fone to ring a want it to be
christoher so much a dont no why tho am just being stupid
he proberly wont call but not tom worry well am are
actually worring cos a a wanted to chat to him about shit a
told you earlier!
tonight was so funny a went to the pictures, drove a car
and drunk to much lol who cares but now a fell so sick it
terrible adrove ma m8 car tonight it was so funny (a only
see him at weekends hes in the army) but his wee car is
class a called it bertha he wont call it that tho cos he an
old fart ha rightnow am trying to keep ma head off
christoher but it aint working it was like that all night a
keep thinking about him(ok am crying )a hate when a cry a
wish a didnt have to but its so hard not too mins need to
go a grab bog roll........... right am back
a wish he would only call he says he was gonna call after
work but a dont no what time that is tho cos he has a new
job he gave up the tunnel a would have been glad of that
but am different now a dont care its his life a need to
stop running peoples life for them or even trying cos this
is where it has landed me bethought ma man that a love so
much but onces again shit happens!a dont wanna go off line
cos he might cum on and al miss him againbut heres hoping
that hell call me tonight anyway a wont be able to sleep
anyway so keep your fingers crossed that he does call aww
well c ya soon

love lesleyxxxxx

lesley loves christopher 4 evaxxxxx