Life as I know it.
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2001-05-18 22:39:29 (UTC)


Its me again.

Matt saga? No need to talk about that, I seriosly dont
think I can be friends with him, not for the fact that
everytime I talk to him I think he thinks im obsessing
about him....I miss him, yeah, its like a part of me died,
but no, I am moving on.

Going out with Evil Mike tonight, Mad Mex, will I get
drunk? Probably...havent had a margarita in a

WEnt out with Erin last night, did the ghetto bar tour, got
drunk, first time since November I puked...all cause I had
like 10 beers out and then went to afterhours (GOT IN
FREE!!!) and drank about 10 ameretto sours...you know beer
before liquor never been sicker? Yeah. I wasnt too bad, I
puked a lil, passed out, woke up still drunk, and sobered
up thru the day...I have had worse hangovers.

in the end, im doing a lot better, and if he doesnt want to
even be friends, its fine...I dont need someone like that
then in my life. I dont feel like shit anymore, since
everyone is being so supportive...alan was like "You dont
need him, you're (my full name here) thats all you
need...have fun, you're young, cute, and single" Im taking
his advice.

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