ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-03-28 06:05:21 (UTC)


Its 10:51 p.m. right now. A few minutes ago i
was just lying on my bed listening to the new Sevendust
cd. It was playing the 5th song, and at the moment i dont
know what it is called. But as i lay there, staring
at my room, my posters, my pictures on the walls, my
candles in the red, white, and purple glow of my
lights, I started to think, a lot. And i couldnt
help but think of Eric. See, this is bugging me
so much that i just had to come and write it down.

I think this all started because earlier today,
Rafa, Veronica and I all went over to Whitney's house for
awhile, and Eric's name came up in our conversation.
Not for a long time, but it came up. Then a little
while ago i decided to work in my sketchbook (its due on
Monday) and one of my pictures has to be my
Halloween costume. I was a gothic-freak this year,
but last year, the year i met Eric, i was a
witch. I started to drawl a girl dressed as a
witch , and as i did i just kept thinking about last
year. and the more i thought about it , the more i
thought about Eric. And as i was lying there,
listening to that song, he just came into my mind and i
couldnt get him out. I miss him. And i still want to
be friends, but i just dont know. He really changed my
life, and he made me think of things in a new perspective.

Im ending this at 11:01 p.m. and Eric, i
miss you, a lot. I miss last year , and the way things
used to be. Maybe ill get up enough guts to try calling
you again, but until then, peace and god bless.