Lifeless Glitter
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2002-03-28 05:02:29 (UTC)

Hey heyyy...

I'm finally back! Ok...anyway...I had a great day today!
I got over my sickness from yesterday...and I bought some
AWESOME clothes at goodys and rue21...and a shirt from
gadzooks. Lol, You know you're obsessed with Gadzooks when
you've walked in there more than once wearing a shirt
you've bought in there before. I wore my Lucky mOnkey T-
shirt...Oops I forgot to do my "Now files"
wearing: black shirt with flared sleeves, and it's not
gothic looking, just so you know...its retroish...I dont
know why I'm saying this though because Brook is the only
one who reads this really and she went shopping with
me...oh well...
and my pretty flare jeans...oo and I think I lost my mood
ring...oh well. It was only like one dollar.I can't find my
nail polish either...
listening to: "caught in the sun" by course of nature
OK...where to start...alright, well I woke up, and mom was
reading that poem Chris wrote and it was about suicide so
now she thinks I'm depressed,lol(I'm far from it) and we
went to go get the Honda, then pick Brook up. I heard an
one of the spiffiest songs on the way to Brook's house...I
had been wanting the name of it for about 2 months and I
finally got it! It's "caught in the sun" new fave song.
After we picked Brook up, we went to Goodys. I found some
retrolicious crap there...I don't exactly look like Cher in
them though lol. *isn't a beanpole* Beanpole being a term
of endearment, of course... lol.
Ok, so then we went to Goodwill and there were interesting
clothes there lol...and there were some nasty used bathing
suits...we only got pez &pez dispencers and nail polish
there though.
Then we went to the mall...Rue21, Garfield's(don't you just
love restaurants where you can draw on the tables and they
don't care?), and Gadzooks. It was pretty fun.
I came online, talked on the and I
took a quiz: Which living dead doll are you?
I'm one called *gasp**choke* Bad Habit *coughs*9191...minus
the 9191.
She's a very pale doll w/ a nun outfit on, and she has
creepy green eyes. I showed her to Matt and he got
I talked to Sarah's mom online...she said Marilyn Manson
was *gag* some video of his. Man, that woman has
Ok well I g2g drink some Yoohoo and watch the Simpsons with
my brother. ^_^