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2002-03-28 04:55:29 (UTC)


Mood: happy
Music: Blondie songs, a Minor Threat song, Lain, and Virus

I like Jonathan a lot. We went to the museum on Monday and
the Central Park zoo today. It was fun. I think he likes
me, but I'm not completely sure. He's a great guy. He is
intelligent, interesting, nice, and cute. He isn't a
conformist. He's into activism, which is so attractive.
He's a lil shy like me. I hope I don't bore him. I feel
like I am whenever there are moments of silence. Like when
we were sitting across from each other at TGIFriday's and
when we were walking. I have to think of what to say
sometimes. He probably has to do that too though. But I
don't mind the silence, I don't think he's boring at all.
I just hope he doesn't think I am. Its not easy at first.
I really want to tell him I like him... because I don't
like guessing that he likes me. Because what if he doesn't
like me? I am just lying to myself then and I'd feel much
worse if I found out later. I have a feeling he does like
me though... but he won't tell me. Does he want me to tell
him? Pfft! I still haven't forgotten the fact that he
never replied to my email about being my valentine! If we
ever get together in the future, I am going to ask him why
the hell he never replied to me. I am guessing its because
he didn't know how to reply... maybe it made him
uncomfortable. I'm guessing that is why because if he
didn't like me at all and didn't want anything to do with
me, he would probably not hang out with me. Anyways, he's
going to Vermont tomorrow so I won't be seeing him. ^^;
I'll talk to him online though, he says. Yay! I hope we do
end up together, I'd be so happy!! I'll be so sweet to
him... he is wonderful.