2002-03-28 03:53:26 (UTC)


Continued from ONUS PROBANDI 02-23-02

When I was around ten years old or so my father remarried,
my mother having died some years earlier. My new mother, or
stepmother as the case may be, having noticed a propensity
toward art on my part, encouraged my Uncle, a fairly well
established artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to leave Santa
Fe by commissioning him to come to the west coast and tutor
me. She set him up in a fully equiped artist's studio and
covered all expenses, including models. All he had to do
was have me as a protege', develop my budding talents, and
arrange for me to have as many art experiences as possible.

My uncle knew and worked side-by-side with Jackson Pollock
on the WPA and studied under John Sloan of the "Ashcan
School." He also knew Albert Einstein, the two having met
in February or March of 1931 in Pasadena, California, while
both were visiting the west coast as well as the curandera
Maria Sabina. In later years, because of that association
and my uncle's knowledge of peyote and other halluciogens,
he was interviewed by Carlos Castaneda, apparently in the
process of gathering information for future use in his
series of Don Juan books. In 1960 or so Castaneda was an
anthropology student at UCLA collecting information and
specimens of medicinal type plants used by the Indians in
the desert southwest when the two crossed paths. My uncle
had field searched thousands and thousands of plants,
herbs, and mushrooms, even to having had seven previously
undiscovered species named after him. My uncle died many
years later after being medi-vacked back to the United
States from South America. He had been bio-searching along
the upper reaches of the Amazon after visiting Machu Picchu
when he broke his leg. He died of complications from that
break two years later at age eightyfour.

It was largely because of studying under Sloan that my
uncle eventually became an expert in halluciogens in the
first place, having followed the east coast artist to the
Santa Fe, Taos, New Mexico area in the 1920s in order to
continue working with him. When Sloan returned east my
uncle remained, developing in the process an unquenchable
thirst for the desert southwest occult and shamanism,
especially Don Juan type shamanic journeying.

It was under his auspices that at the tender age of ten or
so I was first introduced to the desert southwest occult
and things shaman. It was also the first time I heard of
Leonardo DaVinci.

To be continued...

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