My personal hell
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2001-05-18 20:30:50 (UTC)

The High School Years

Pretty much my high school years were hell. In 9th grade
I was the smart, fat, ugly no one wanted to be friends with.
I was still very angry. I hated mostly everyone. The summer
between 9th and 10th grade I lost about 50 pound and self-
esteam sky rocketed. I was happy (kind of), guys started to
see how pretty I really was. I started becoming populaur. I
was finally invited to a party. It was Dec. 16 1996 at a
christmas party. I went with my best friend at the time
(Jennifer) to this party. Because I was 15 I didn't drink
everything but my 7-Up I brought. But when my friend came
in, I put down my soda to go greet her. Then we came back
and grabbed my drink and started walking around drinking
the soda which I shared with Jenn. After about 15 mins. We
won't feeling so good. So we went to the bathroom. Jennfier
got I there first and I was waiting for her at the door.
Shortly after that I passed out in the hallway. I was waken
up later that night by Jenn who passed out in the bathroom
(Thank God). After waking I feeled dirty and druged so Jenn
took me to the doctors. I found out I was raped by several
different guys and no one stopped it. So the doctor gave me
the "morning after" pill and I left. Nine month later Nikol
was born.

If it wasn't for Nikol I would be dead today. Nikol is
the only reason I live my life everyday. She is the reason
I wake up in the morning and go to work. I love her more
than life itself.