SuGaR RuSh
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2002-03-28 03:24:16 (UTC)

fa la la la

hmm 2 day was pretty boring..big b went fuckin NUTSSSSS on
me bout all this shit that aint even true ..and bill and
his 2 friends walked down my house so i could show them a
pic of brit..its so great bill is luvinn brit... his
friends were pretty kool they were kinda weird thought..and
they spit every fuckin sec it was sooo grosse it looked
like it rained after they left lol and drew is goin fuckin
nuts again AHHHHHHHHH....wheres mike i miss him :( pens
lost 2 day..steph gotta tattoo on her ass and i gotta i have no clue what im doin 2 morrow its gunna b
so boring...and i gotta go 2 the dr denist dude...i dont
wear my retainer and hes gunna kill meee ekkk! well im
gunna goooo cuz im gunna wet myself if i dun lol cya