my so called life
2002-03-28 02:45:28 (UTC)

Life tastes good

Ah.. I just got home from Ben's :))
I am SO much in luuuv! *happy sigh*
At first we watched Blade since I hadn't seen it.. Ok, I
guess that's not really my kind of movie.. I thought it was
kind of funny, and I don't really think it's supposed to be
funny :D
Then we just sat/lied on the couch for three hours.. We're
still just friends, but c'mon.. There MUST be something
going on!! We're sending messages all the time and this is
the second time watched a movie just the two of us.. Like
Jane said; It's almost like a date :)

We just talked and.. I dunno, I just love being with him..
I don't know what to write..
It's not like everything's perfect between us, but..
tonight was pretty great
Nothing happened, but just lying there next to him was..
Just the way I want it to be. Just the way it should be..
My brother picked me up at 2 am. Ben asked if he should
walk me to the car, but I said he didn't have to. He's soo
cute!! :P
Ok, I'll tell you why it's a big deal to me. I don't know
if I wrote in my diary, but I guess you don't remember
anyways.. So I'll write it again :)
When I was wondering if Ben was worth my while and stuff..
I guess it's almost a year ago now.. I made this comparison
between Steve and Ben.. Steve was in love with me and I
said that he'd give me anything I asked. Ben wasn't like
that, he wouldn't even walk me to my busstop.. and I kind
of concluded that Ben couldn't give me the love I wanted..
and then he followed me to the bus the last time and
offered to this time.. Hurray :)
It's just.. I dunno, everything's so great right now..


Say night'y night and tell me you'll miss me ;)