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2002-03-28 02:42:52 (UTC)

Scurry Night

Last night when i got offline cause my heart started to
hurt, well it was beating really really fast and it made my
chest start hurting and so i went into Jay and Jenni's room
and knocked and was kinda scared to bother them but it hurt
so bad. I called my mom cause she's a heart transplant
nurse so she would know what was going on. I had a horrible
headache and my chest was pinching up all over. She was
like don't worry you cant get a heart attack from Mitral
Valve Prolapse and i was like ok thanks i wasn't even
worried about the MVP or a heart attack or anything it just
hurt and that's all i was thinking about! So then she told
me to take an aspirin and lay down to take my mind off of
it cause i was crying because of the pain and i was
terrified and so when i was laying down it was ok and
didn't hurt as bad and my headache let up a bit and then
when i woke up this morning it was like sore like i got
punched in the chest. Then today in Health we were studying
CPR and tomorrow we go to the gym and get certified for CPR
if we pass the test. So if i can find the gym and practice
some more tonight i should pass. Oh well that's the only
exciting thing that happened today except that i got
caitlin and beth to come to earth fest with me. I'm so
happy they are both coming. It should be so fun. Then Jen
and Caitlin are coming this weekend to spend the night then
i might go to league city with them. ok that's all today