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2002-03-28 02:30:36 (UTC)


mamaw is sick...

i got out of school today and i found out that mamaw was in
the emergency room. no one knew anything... no one bothered
to clue me in on what they did know... and i freaked.

come to find out... mamaw fell off of the front porch...
now she's at our house... on this medicine that makes her
throw up constantly. i hate to see her like this. on pain
pills... throwing up... black and blue and swollen... she
looks to be in hell. and that makes me sick. wtf did this
happen? ... couldn't whoever's in charge balance out the
shit that he dosed out to the few good people left? ...
she's an 80 year old saint for gods sake... does the
creator think she needed something else on her plate? ...
i'm dying to know.

... i'm going to take a shower and go to bed.