Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-03-28 02:16:40 (UTC)

I dunno who you are...

'Hey dude,

I can understand what you're talking about. My situation
was kinda different, but I feel for you. You just have to
hang in there until you graduate from highschool. That's
when your freedom really begins. Once you're 18 you can
leave home and live on your own. You can't really start to
heal until you leave the situation and have time for
yourself to think about things and grow in your own
direction. It's also important to be around stable people
because you don't have their shit to deal with, just your
own. You have to be aware of yourself and what you do or
don't like in yourself and make those changes. Don't
forget the most important thing in life is that can't
really change people just yourself. As you become older
hopefully you gain new insights to grow into a better and
more content person.'

But thanks for the comment. :) I dont know how, but that
helped. I dont know if its new or old, but it helped.

... But do I really want to be stable? As long as being
stable doesnt mean being normal, I can handle it.
Normality is so overrated.

Matt, I love you so much my angel. I miss you.

Marie, Huggles, I love you guys too, and i miss you. I
hardly talk to ya anymores! *sniffles*