Teenage Politics
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2002-03-28 02:11:59 (UTC)

March 27, 2002 (Wednesday)

...And I think to myself....what a wonderful world. Days
like today make me so happy to be a teenager. Lemme set the

_- It's UIL day at school. Every teacher is gone, and most
of the dorky freshman are gone showing cows, pigs, and
other furred- objects. NOT MY FORTE! Anyway, well first
period the Evil Coach Kline (who reminds me of the Saturday
School teacher on "the Breakfast Club" [Im crackin skulls])
remembers that I owe him a unit test. I've been out a lot
lately with One-Act and I had to make up all my work. Blah.
So..I take the test..and I havent even really looked over
the chapter. I made a 98! HELL_YEA! Soo....off to 2nd
period. Thank GOD the queer coach Kelley isnt there in all
his toe-touch doing self....I didnt have to do any of my
work..Im behind hella-bunch tho. But Ello and E-Dill came
in and played Egyptian Rat Screw with me (it's a card
game). I beat them. Then Kory discovered the "sticky-sang"
in my backpack (you know...the little sticky hands or
whatever) and he started swinging it all over the place.
Then he decides he must torment Senor Russel ....O WAIT
**Mr. Russel is by far the weirdest teacher you will ever
see. Dont believe me? Ask anyone in my school.He reminds me
of Edgar off Men In Black AFTER the alien gets into his
skin. You think your teacher is weird? Doesnt even compare.
Well one of Mr.Russel's things he does...is pass out
graded papers in the morning before school, in between
classes in the halls, and during break or lunch. He does
this because he says we are "too stupid to pick them up as
we walk into class" ..whatever floats his boat. Well
sometimes we like to make him chase us....and he will even
drop into a dead sprint. Well Chubbs today decides...he's
going to run from Mr. Russel...and the whole time Chubbs is
running around the lunch room evading him..he's screaming "
KOOORRRRYYY!!!" OMG it was so funny we were all
rolling...plus you gotta hear mr. Russel's voice. LOL.
Okay....so maybe you had to be there...but still it's worth
sharing. LOL. **

Back to the story at hand...Chubbs takes the sticky-sang to
Spanish to torment Mr. Russel. 3rd period is P.E....and
it's A BLOWOFF CLASS...so nothing there. 4th period...is my
favorite class. It's SPEECH with COACH BRUTY! My fave
teacher. Ello is in there. Sometimes I feel overlooked
around him. He's my best friend...if I could ever make him
mine..I'd keep him forever. He is too great a person.
Cutter and Pudge are also in there. Pudge was gone today :(
but me and Cutter and Ello all sat and ran thru lines of
Mallrats and Clerks all period. Best movies..really you
gotta see em ( "What gear are you in?" (queer
voice) "GEEEAARRRR??!!?") LOLOLOL! Ello handed me a blank
piece of paper and said " doodle your heart out Tay..I want
something of yours to hang on my wall" so I just doodled
the tormented thoughts and emotions I am feeling right now.
Anyway....lunch was a little un-eventful...except for the
skittle fight with the mexican table! lol..IM A SUPA-
SKITTLE DODGER! anyway...5th period..IPC...not a damn thing
happened. 6th period is Theatre Arts....and a sub was there
too..so I sneakily slipped out the door when he bent over
to pick up a piece of paper and I spent the rest of my time
with Josh Mkinney! We played
dominoes..and he stole my sticky sang...for good. He traded
a clippy-thing for it..so now the clippy-thing is on my bag
in his honor!Then 7th period I really didnt do much...we
watched Bring It On for the 70th time in there. We never do
any work in that class.
I talked to Kim from ANNA!! CHRISTIAN SAID I WAS HOT!
YES!! He was pretty HOT himself! lol... After that I just
went tanning and saw Bro Hilbs at the baseball
fields..other than that..not much else has happened...just
a great day! :)