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2002-03-28 02:02:12 (UTC)

March 27

Hello again. Well today we had a competition for choir
(yes, i'm in choir) at the local college. We did really
well, if anyone really cares. But anyway, on the way back
to the school, me and this girl were talking about our past
experiences with drugs and shit like that and the topic of
D came up. Turns out that we both use. So, temptatio
overcame me. On the bus (full of band/choir ppl) I did a
line on the back of her wallet. Probly not too smart of me,
but it worked out all right b/c i didn't get caught. Oh,
speaking of smartness, I got called down to my guidance
counselor yesterday. We talked about the classes I got into
for next year (Chemistry, Geometry, US Hist 2 Honors,
English 3 Honors, Latin 3, Concert Choir) and then we
started talking about colleges and shit. So as it turns
out, I rank 43 out of 385 ppl in my grade which puts me in
the top 12% of my class (6 better and I would be in the top
10%). My GPA is a 3.87 out of a 4.0, so all I really have
to do now is take my SATs, check out/apply for colleges.
Personally I think I'm doing pretty well in school despite
my "outside activities". Oh well, I guess I'll write again
tomorrow if I get time...Everyone should know of all
information that others have deemed unfit for public
--Author Unknown