Spyderman of this century

the story
2002-03-28 01:03:18 (UTC)

speed kills

well, i fuckin got busted for speeding again. twice
actually, only one ticket, but that one ticket is gonna be
enough. 88 in a 55. reckless endangerment. i'll prolly
lose my license for 3 months. my rents are gonna kill me.
oh well. fuck it. what really sucks though, is my
insurance is gonna sky rocket. oh fuckin well. i guess i
really need a new job now, cuse this bitch is gonna cost
me a fortune. was it worth it? nah, not at all, i shoulda
just taken grain bin, woulda changed my life. too late
now, so far its been the story of my life, how much better
it would be if i could go back and change even just a few
things. but, i cant do that, so i have to live w/ my
stupid mistakes. all of em, unfortunately. so many htings
i wanna say right now, but im too afraid to say em. i dont
know why. all i know is my life is changing, and i dont
like the direction its going. to many things i cant
controll, and im a controll freak, so yeah. i dont like
it. i like things they way i want them, and sometimes
other people have other plans. and i respect that, as much
as i hate it. but theres the things in life, that everyone
needs to experience. and ya know whats really dumb, i
thought i had learned my lessons. but i havent, i keep
making the same fuckin mistakses over and over, falling in
love, driving like a maniac, spending money like a fool. i
need to stop, but sometimes i wonder if i can. ive tried,
lord have i tried. sometimes i wish i could cry, but i
cant, sometimes i wish i could fly, but i cant, sometimes
i wish.